3D Cube Design offers Choice!



DESIGN and BUILD YOUR OWN HOUSE!  END DEPENDENCE ON OTHERS boldly enjoy creating your own unique design do not accept what others offer to you;  INCREASE your living space, plan in advance for the addition of new cubes, new rooms; no Bearing walls; room size changes are simple, excluding plumbed walls, all room dividers, are easily movable.  Grow your house; change the design; move the house; disassemble; unscrew the frames return to original panels; re-ship your “HOME in a BOX” and re-assemble it in a new location.  A Traditional Post and Beam Timber House, displayed below, a very attractive building with a soaring roof supported by timber trusses that provide large post free open areas, for those who can afford it.

“3D Cube Design” offers the same building structure and this display, could be replicated using “3D Cube Design”. The difference between a traditional and a “3D Cube Design” Timber house is, how it is constructed and its cost. An uniqueness of the “3D Cube Design” concept is that it can also be used to build contemporary or unique house designs offering many more choices than the limited square or rectangular Timber house shapes commonly built with the Traditional method.

“3D Cube Design” takes the elegant house design of the wealthy and makes it available to everyone.“3D Cube Design” Builds the Timber Frames in it’s shop(s) in accord with your design and delivers your “HOME in a BOX”, containing all frames including insulated exterior panels, door and window panels, floor and roof panels etc. and assembles the house on your Site.   Or with the help of family and/or friends and with a rental hydraulic lift and a cordless lag screwdriver, you could assemble, your “HOME in a BOX”, in a few days, depending on size of the house and the number of friends.

There are 2 components to “3D Cube Design” houses. First the timber frames and the exterior panels. The panels fit tightly (weatherproof) into the timber frames, in the shop. No 1/2″ space allowance common with windows and doors placement in stick construction.

Example of a traditionally built stick frame house

The “3D Cube Design” Web Site will have links to Local and National sponsors/ suppliers who, upon request, will offer everything you may need to design and build your “3D Cube Design” house.  We Do NOT tell you what to design, excluding the Timber structure, WE DO NOT SELL anything, NOR tell you what should go into YOUR HOUSE!

You DESIGN, you CHOOSE, what you want and can afford.  The Licensed “3D Cube Design” builder will provide a posted price for each basic frame, you will know, before you start, the cost of the basic frames. YOU choose local or National suppliers of windows, doors appliances etc. negotiate and establish price for all components including frame installation. NO SURPRISES!


“3D Cube Design” is a “new” building concept using a very old Post and Beam Timber construction method adapted to the 21st Century.  Houses are built currently, using the Stick construction method, which is labour intensive.  QUALITY CONTROL, OFTEN A PROBLEM. The. structure has become complex producing SIGNIFICANT WASTE; requires ON SITE SECURITY, etc. All, of which costs, are passed on to the buyer.


Post and Beam Timber Houses were the standard, for centuries, providing strong, durable houses, however they require highly skilled craftsmen to shape expensive large dimension timbers and for this method was, during the past century, replaced by the lower cost, Stick Method.  Mortise and Tenon joints have been the standard method of joining the Timber posts and beams providing the strongest most durable method of fastening timber components. It is the Gold Standard for house building. and Is incorporated into the “3D Cube Design” building. It is part of every strong durable “3D Cube Design” Post and Beam Timber house. The Mortise and Tenons joints are secured, at the site, with large lag screws inserted into pre drilled holes instead of wood dowels.

“3D Cube Design” presents a more efficient way, to build timber houses. The “3D Cube Design” Post and Beam Timber Frames are crafted and built in a shop(s) unaffected by weather, using quality dimension wood, crafted with precision tools. It is a 21st Century adaptation, without compromise, of the old Post and Beam Timber House.

“3D Cube Design” offers a house construction method that is STRONGER and more DURABLE then the STICK method at half the Cost.  Although equal in strength and durability to the traditional Post and Beam Timber house, a “3D Cube Design” Post and Beam Timber house will cost only a fraction of the such buildings.  The “3D Cube Design” Post and Beam Timber House is the most environmental and neighbour friendly building method using renewable resources, having virtually no waste, very little disruption and noise at the building site. It can be disassembled and reassembled thus recycled. Not bulldozed as waste.

Everything in Nature is built on an established frame. “3D Cube Design” provides a frame which allows a Designer to design a house based on a strong, time tested frame. where the forces of weight and wind have been addressed. This allows a designer to design, without any prior knowledge of house construction and the forces of nature.  The forces of nature will be of great concern to those who must build in areas having the potential for Earthquakes; Hurricanes; Tornado’s; high sustained winds; Forest/ grass Fires; blizzards and heavy snow; termites; mould, that is most areas of the Continent.

Most People are “Incrementalists” who will build a conventional house adding a few personal preferences and embellishments.  There will be potential designers, who when given this method will create ambitious unconventional designs. How many? How different? Who Knows?  “3D Cube Design” offers benefits to both groups. It offers to Incrementalists a simple method that allows them to change or add to their design in accord with changing conventions.

Explorers may choose audacious designs incorporating new design thinking.  Everything, can be removed and replaced. Cubes can be added, cubes can be re-positioned. Roofs can be raised to accommodate another level. Foundations, can be precast reinforced Concrete units, which can be added and fastened or removed or re-positioned. Exterior wall faces can be removed/re-positioned/ replaced. Details about foundation walls and roof panels and other construction information will be available from linked suppliers YOUR CHOICE!

“3D Cube Design” DOES NOT at this time, have any Licensed Builders and will not develop a network of Licensed builders until demand is established.

First Architects, Engineers and the Public must first learn to design buildings using the “3D Cube Design” method.  CubeKit(D) IS A DESIGNER’S INTRODUCTION TO THE “3D Cube Design” CONCEPT, enabling everyone to develop design skills, and learn how to build a house, a long-term investment. There are many aspects to house building that MUST BE learned and CAN BE LEARNED, CubeKit(D) provides the TOOL You LEARN.

IT IS ANTICIPATED THAT CubeKit(D) WILL CREATE DEMAND for the “3D Cube Design” CONCEPT!  BUILDING THE “3D Cube Design” NETWORK WILL FOLLOW DEMAND.  Applications for Licensed builders will be considered area by area based on demand in an area.  There will be many “3D Cube Design” Licensed Builders which will be small businesses, employing local people, not builders in massive plants. They will be builders who service smaller areas, closer to their shop, possibly (within a 50mile- 80 KM radius) for better liaison and to serve their Designer/Clients.