3D CUBE Kit (D)

Cube Kit (D)

CubeKit (D) is a DESIGN TOOL,not a toy, however if given to a group of 10 year old children, without established mindset, they may produce surprisingly imaginative design.

We recognize potential

We recognize there is an immediate need for a new affordable buildings, however to achieve such building , potential builders must first learn, how to design and cost their design,before building their house. Building such houses will be determined by, the desire and will of potential designers, to build.

The first step

CubeKit (D) is THE FIRST STEP to building your OWN house. CubeKit (D) will be offered to the public on Amazon or other online stores at a moderate price based on content ranging from US $75-150. It will be offered to display the “3D Cube Design” concept, enabling the public to examine and discover what they can create and determine whether or not they can afford it! Several attempts may be required to achieve both goals.

This is not Lego

There are NO ARCHITECTURAL MODEL KITS currently on the market and CubeKit (D) will be an unique new product. There are numerous LEGO building toys and a children’s toy building kit, created by an Architect using a LEGO platform advertised as a building toy. The small plastic pieces when assembled allows variations on the Architect’s design but NO NEW DESIGNS can be created.

Our preferred market

“3D Cube Design” DOES NOT at this time, have any Licensed Builders and will not develop a network of Licensed builders until demand is established. First Architects, Engineers and the Public must first learn to design buildings using the “3D Cube Design” method.

Introduction to Design and Concept

CubeKit(D) IS A DESIGNER’S INTRODUCTION TO THE “3D Cube Design” CONCEPT, enabling everyone to develop design skills,and learn how to build a house, a long term term investment. There are many aspects to house building that MUST BE learned and CAN BE LEARNED , CubeKit(D) provides the TOOL for you to LEARN.

3D Cube's intentions

It is intended that CubeKit(D) will create demand for the “3D Cube Design” CONCEPT! Building the “3D Cube Design” network will follow demand.

Applications for Licensed Builders

Applications for Licensed builders will be considered area by area based on demand in an area.


There will be many “3D Cube Design” Licensed Builders which will be small businesses, employing local people, not builders in massive plants. They will be builders who service smaller areas, closer to their shop, possibly ( within a 50 mile – 80 KM radius) for better liaison and to serve their Designer/ Clients